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Ginger Lynn movies and Photo! Biography Ginger Lynn.

Ginger Lynn photo
Full Name: Ginger Lynn
12/14/1962 (44 years old)
Birth location:
Rockford, Illinois, USA
5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
110 lbs (50 kg)
Natural bust:
Alias: Ginger
Lynn Allen
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Ginger Lynn was born on the 14th of December 1962 in the Swedish American Hospital located in Rockford, Illinois. Details about the early period of her life are scarce due to her not speaking about them freely, this is due to Ginger being a sufferer of child abuse from her mother, Marilyn Allen (previously Marilyn Mcbride). Her parts, Wayne Allen and Marilyn were 18 and 19 respectively when she was born and it has been speculated by many that they were simply not responsible enough to cope with bringing up a child which lead to the dysfunctional life in the Allen household that Ginger experienced. Ginger has stated that in 1974, at the age of 12, she attempted to commit suicide using sleeping pills and medication used by her mother and was left by her mother close to death for almost 3 days without any medical help. Her descent into the world of substance abuse began only a year after that experience when her boyfriend of the time not only introduced her to drugs but also got her pregnant (a pregnancy which she had aborted). After this she went to live with her grandparents who had discovered the abuse she was recieving at home along with learning of her sexual activities (Ginger has said that it was her grandmother who first showed her conctraceptives such as condoms and the pills after finding out about her boyfriend). Ginger Lynn Allen (her full birth name) graduated from Rockford West High School in 1981, and moved out of her grandparents house as they were moving to Lucern Valley in california. While living on her own or with boyfriends, she worked at a music store as an assistant manager and had a 2nd job as a waitress at night. It was only a year later, in 1982, that her grandfather had a heart attack while living in California, and Ginger moved there straight away in order to care for him as both him and her grandmother were major figures in Ginger's life, however he died shortly afterwards and Ginger continued to live in California afterwards.

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